Either forgotten about and often overlooked, having the organizational infrastructure in place to support your exploration strategy and process is essential to its success


Innovation capability oversight

We define the success criteria for your process, the teams that participate in it and their ideas, and create clear measurements to manage your exploration process, and the new ventures that come from it. We also provide guidance on the formation and implementation of a team to manage your innovation capability’s success.


Operation streamline and refresh

Old processes and procedures can slow down exploration and burden new venture integration into the organization. We help streamline outdated processes and procedures and develop new ones to ensure that your innovation capability operates smoothly, new ventures can be developed, go-to-market and integrate seamlessly.


Exploration performance and incentives

As your exploration capability grows and matures, employee performance and incentive schemes need to be updated based on their new goals while pursuing a new venture.

We collaboratively create new performance measures and incentives for employees based on exploration of new ventures and drive culture change.